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bulletWATER SOLUBLE MASCARA: Designed especially for the use on lash-extensions. 
Don't use a waterproof mascara it will weaken the blue bond. So this is the perfect mascara for your lash-extensions.  Black in color. $16.00 tube or 5 or more $8.00 each  ORDER

bulletPROTEIN REMOVER:: Prep the lashes with this Protein Remover.  Prepares the natural lashes for a better bond lash-extension to adhere to the natural lash. $11.00 each ORDER

bulletSEALER: Final step to sealing the lash-extension seam.  Using Sealer can help extend the life of extension.  Longer lash life = happy customers. $11.00 each  ORDER
bulletLASH CONDITIONER: The perfect after care conditioner.  Use on lashes to grow beautiful lashes. ORDER

bulletJADE STONE: Use to hold the glue while in use.  Easy to clean and reuse. $5.00 ORDER



bulletSURGICAL TAPE : Used to protect the bottom lashes while applying artificial lashes to the
top lashes.  Never stick top lashes to the bottom lashes again, Protect bottom lashes by placing surgical tape over the bottom lashes. $5.00 ORDER


bulletTWEEZERS (INDIVIDUAL UNITS) Quality tweezers for that Locking Tweezers,  Curved tip Tweezers & Straight tip Tweezers    $9.00 each 

bulletTWEEZERS (SET of 3) : Set 4-inch / 3 different styles including the locking tweezers.  Get a good grip the artificial lash without dropping. 
per 3 piece set  ORDERORDER  
bulletMICRO-BRUSHES: Very useful tool for many different uses. Especially effective for use with Glue Removal.   25, 50, and 100 count packs. (Fine tip and Regular tip) prices start $2.99 (25 pack) ORDER

bulletUNDER EYE GEL PADS Lint free.  Protect the bottom lashes and skin while applying lashes. $1.39 per pair

bulletELECTRIC EYELASH CURLER: This warm lash curler helps you direct the lashes with a wonderful final result.  Using the crimping style lash curler breaks down the lash glue shortening the life of the lash extensions. 
$20.00 ORDER

bulletJEWELERS GLASSES: See your work more clearly and up close.  A must to make your job easier.  $15.00 ORDER

bulletAIR BLOWER: Dry the glue with a gentle puff of air. No shocking burst of air.  Customer feels comfortable and relaxed. $5.00  ORDER

bulletHAND HELD FAN: Some technicians prefer to use this fan instead of the manual air blower. Battery operated
$5.00 each ORDER

bulletMANNEQUIN HEAD three dimensional face, flat backside for a stable learning service. A must tool for trainers.  For training purposes, adhere strip lashes onto the mannequin eyes and apply individual lash-extensions onto the false lashes. This is a great for your students to practice before they work on live models. comes with 1 hard mannequin head and two replacement rubber masks.  If you teach this is a must have. $41.99 (3 piece set)  ORDER

bulletBOUFFANT CAPS: disposable net caps, used to cover customers hair.  Keeping the hair and bangs away from your work area. Once you use them you will never want to work without.  100 pack 
$15.00 (100 count) ORDER

bulletPUFF PAD: Popular to use during the application of lash extensions.  Using this soft pad to direct the lashes to go in the same direction with a very light touch.  $2.00 ORDER
bulletSilicone Lash Holder: For easy pickup.
bulletPoly coated under eye pads: protect the bottom lashes 10 pair per sheet .79 per sheet

bulletMylar under eye pads: 25 pair per pack $3.99 per pack

bulletSilk under eye pads: 10 pair per sheet $1.59 per sheet