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ADHESIVES made of the finest ingredients. Pharmaceutical-grade requirement standards are used in creating our adhesives.  Made with purity and safety manufacturing standards.  All glue is black in color.


bulletLASH GLUE: our original glue, no fumes, black in color, easy to work with. $69.00 Now $59.00
bulletSUPERIOR GLUE: Faster Drying, no Fumes, $79.00 Now $69.00
bulletADVANCED BOND ADHESIVE: If you like the Nova Lash Platinum Bond series, you will love our Advanced Bond Adhesive. Holds longer equals happy customers  $89.00 Now $79.00
bulletNEW: FLEX-BOND: If you like Xtreme lash Flex Fusion series, you will love our Flex-Bond.  EZ to apply, long lasting, Flexible-Bond$89.00  

Don't pay $$$ for lash primer: Use Baby Shampoo mixed equal parts with water.  The perfect primer to prep the lashes before applying.  Cleans lashes and removes any oils residue that may be left on the lashes.   Witch hazel is another good lash primer choice.  Be sure to prime the lashes you are going to be working on before you begin your adhering the artificial lashes.   

GLUE REMOVER/ DE-BONDER is a must have for removing, applying, correcting or refilling .  Comes with complete how to instructions.

bulletGLUE REMOVER / DE-BONDER: Used to remove lashes, correct improper applied lashes $25.00  Now $21.00