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Questions & Answers
Table of Contents

  1. Lash-Extensions can be learned by anyone
  2. Learning this trade is easier than you think
  3. Where can you provide these services? 
  4. How long do lash-extensions last?
  5. After care instructions
  6. How should I price the procedures?
  7. How long of an appointment time does it take to apply lash-extensions?
  8. How to produce and keep a strong clientele base.

Lash-Extensions can be learned by anyone  

bulletA licensed cosmetologist, aesthetician, permanent makeup technician, beautician, nail tech, or any person just wanting to change or add to they're profession.  Just about anyone can become a lash-extension technician.  Lash-Extension techs are not licensed by the government in most states.  You might check with your state but if they do not teach it in a state regulated school. The state will not require a state license. Anyone can do the service who knows how.

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Learning this trade is easier than you think

bulletTraining is necessary and encouraged in order to receive a "Certificate of Completion".  
You can learn this craft by viewing our DVD.  It will show you everything you need to know. You can request a questionnaire and we will provide you with a very nice certificate.  If you still want hands on training, after you have viewed the DVD we can provide you with name of someone who will do hands on training with you for a fee.
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Where can you provide these services? 

bulletBeauty salons, spas,  Medi-spas,  hair salons, nail salons, tanning salons, resort spas, 
permanent makeup studios, waxing studios and eyelash extension parties.  There is no limit to the places you can provide the services.
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How long do lash-extensions last?

bulletLash-Extensions can last up to 90 days. 
Initial full set application then requires Fill-in's or Touch-ups.   
bulletYour natural eyelashes replenishes themselves every 90 days.  If you have an lash-extension attached, to a newly developed eyelash, it can last up to 90 days.  When you attach a lash-extension to a natural eyelash, that has gone thru its natural life cycle, you will loose that lash when the natural eyelash falls out.  You do not know at what stage natural eyelash is in when you attach the lash-extensions.  Natural lashes recycling is why touch ups are necessary every two weeks. This is done by replacing any lashes that might have fallen off and you will need to charge a fee for each lash your replace.  Lash-extensions do not make natural eyelashes fall out, it is a natural occurrence.
bulletEach single synthetic lash is applied to only one single natural lash.  Therefore, the number of lash extensions applied will be limited to the number of accessible natural lashes.
bulletProper application and client education of after care treatment is necessary.  The better they care of their lash-extensions the longer they will lasts. 
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After care instructions

bulletEducating your client in after care procedures will help with the duration of the lashes. You should inform your customers not to rub eyes, scratch, or pick.  Creams, eye makeup removers, lotions, or cleansers containing glycols or carbonates can relax the glue bond of Lash-Extensions.     
Apply eye cream sparingly and avoid of the lash line area.  Keep the Lash-Extensions clean using baby shampoo. (this will cut the oils from lotions, creams, makeup remover) and is safe and gentle to the eyes.  
bulletYES mascara can be worn. It must be a  Water Soluble mascara.  Remember that constant use of mascara may shorten the life expectancy of your Lash-Extensions. DO NOT USE A "WATERPROOF" MASCARA   IT WILL DISSOLVE THE GLUE BOND THAT HOLDS THE LASHES.
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How should I price the procedures?


Old school pricing was a "set price" 
common price range for a full set of Lash-Extensions would be $100 to $300
Depending on what part of the country they lived in.
Half sets and touch-ups are usually provided for a much smaller fee.
(example $55.00 for touch-up).


Charge by the lash


Price the service by the number of lashes used.  
example: a customer requires 30 lashes in each eye x 2 = 60 lashes total 
(this is usually, all that is required to create the illusion of beauty natural eyelashes.) 

60 lashes x $3.00 per lash = $180.00


You have established the price it will cost them for replacing each lashes when they come in for their two week touch up ($3.00 each)


If you charge only a flat fee (example $55.00) for touch up.  Customers will not take care of them and come in with only one or two lashes left from your previous service, expecting you to do a complete service for $55.00.  If you charge by the lash they will take better care of them.

We recommend  that you compare the prices in your area.
Price will vary to the area demand.

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How long of an appointment time does it take to apply lash-extensions?
bulletAt first your skills will take you longer to complete the service.  As you improve it is not uncommon to complete a full set of lash-extensions in an hour.  Time schedule is also based on your clients needs or difficulties.
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How to produce and keep a strong clientele base.
bulletNice gestures go a long way when are creating long lasting customers 
bulletApplying Free extra lashes to you clients eyes as a "thank you" for her business.
bulletDetailed after care instructions both written and verbal so that she has complete knowledge of how she can make her lashes last longer.
bulletProvide incentives to promote your business, discount on next service, discount for recommending a friend. 
bulletFree gift item or a nice after care package
bulletCall up and thank you for their business and remind them to schedule a touch up appointment.

We have technicians with regular scheduled customers returning for more than 5 years. This is due to the quality of workmanship and knowledge of the business.
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If you still have questions please call us 


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